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How the educational process is organized

Learning process

Learning in mini groups to increase efficiency
Unlimited access to lesson recordings
Practice projects imitating “real work agile environment”
Three programming languages for your choosing
Live lessons on ZOOM with a teacher discussing theory and practice.
Strong and supportive community on Slack
Homework review and Q&A meetings with teachers
Online classes are conducted on a regular basis with a set schedule.  The instructor talks about the lesson, shows examples taken from his professional experience and answers students’ questions.
Dividing students into small work groups to develop teamwork and problem solving skills.
Homework is assigned to help students apply the lessons in  practice, the class reviews their homework, assesses the solutions, their code and receives feedback from the instructor.
Participation in testing projects allows the students to gain practical experience, which they can add to their resume, thereby increasing their chances of getting a job offer.
Big and friendly community in Slack, allows the students to communicate with teachers and other students.
All lessons are recorded thereby allowing students who missed the lesson to watch it later and catch up with the class.. Students have access to additional learning materials to help them better understand various concepts and techniques.

Choose suitable free courses for your career track

For QA manual and QA automation:

Our courses

#QA automation
#QA manual
#QA automation
#QA manual
#QA automation
#QA automation
#QA manual
#QA automation
#QA automation
#QA manual
#QA automation
#QA automation
#QA manual
Working with relational databases. Learning to work with SQL queries using practical examples.
SQL basics
Goals, principles, types, methodologies and stages of testing. Terminology, test documentation. Fundamentals of automation. Test case writing practice
QA theory
For QA automation:
Practicing interviewing with mock interviews and analyzing the interviewee’s responses to commonly asked questions. Classes for beginner and advanced students
Interview Prep
Classes for beginner and advanced learners. Preparing for an interview in English. Working with Figma layouts and layout. Accent reduction lessons.
Java basics, Object-Oriented Programming. Learning Java for beginners. Creating a framework for automated UI testing
Basics of the language, cycles, functions, the concept of OOP. Familiarity with Node JS, Mocha, Chai. Introduction to Cypress: UI and API auto-tests. Working on a test project.
Variables, data types and programming principles. Basic Autotests for UI and API, creating a framework. Problem solving on codewars.com.
Fundamentals of HTML and CSS. Website development using JavaScript. Working with Figma layouts and layout. Website development using the React framework.
For course enrollment, you only need to join our Slack workspace and wait for the semester to start!
We will send you an invitation link to the RedRover school Slack workspace.

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Join us to begin a new career as an IT professional!
Our school provides comprehensive and systematic knowledge in various testing areas, with an opportunity to take additional courses and to participate in testing projects. Classes are conducted online, in Russian and are scheduled to accommodate the PST time zone.
Participation in our courses do not require any special knowledge or preparation. The training is aimed to get the students into the job market quickly and efficiently. All educational programs are developed by teachers (active IT professionals) with a focus on practical application.
For more than two years, RedRover. school has given people the opportunity to become software testing professionals. Over a thousand people have comprehensive and systematic knowledge trusted us to take their first steps in a new career.

About our school


Software engineer
I have been a teacher since 2006. I focus on programming in my lessons because every programmer can be a tester, but not every

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Sergey Demyanenko
Senior Consultant at CGI
I have over 18 years of experience in Tech. I’ve been teaching at the RedRover school since March 2022.
Baha Mametyarov
QA Automation Engineer
I am a tech lead on Cypress projects and I also serve as an administrative coordinator at the RedRover school.

Maria Moroz

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